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Why Story Tree CD’s? 

Story Tree CD’s are award-winning, original, environmental and ancestral tales to inspire your child’s imagination from Australian storytellers Jenni Cargill-Strong and Max Strong. They retain a child’s interest for years and shorten road trips. Our customers are very loyal and come back year after year. To read what they say, scroll down to ‘Applause’ on this page or read more reviews at our applause page. Entertain the kids in the car, at bedtime, on school holidays or anytime! Each CD features musical accompaniment by up to eight acoustic instruments including lyre, tabla, harp, flute, bells and cavaquinho.

The advantage of a CD is that you know what your child is listening to and CD players are very easy to operate. If your child listens online, they can roam to other content without you knowing.


Buy idevice audiobook subscription Tales2GoDoes your family love stories and also use idevices- ie ipod, ipad, iphone? Here is an idea to boost literacy and enjoyment for whole family with a free trial to test it out first. StoryTree tales are on there. Search catalogue for Jenni Cargill-Strong here.

Digital downloads

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Jenni Cargill-Strong: Reaching for the Moon and Other Wisdom Tales
Jenni Cargill-Strong: The Story Tree and Other Nature Tales
Jenni Cargill-Strong: Molly Whuppie and Other Wonder Tales
Jenni Cargill-Strong: The Mermaid
Jenni Cargill-Strong: Stories to Light the Dark
Max Strong: The Troo Adventures of Salty Pete the Pirate

Applause: customer feedback

We have also have had many trips made much easier with Jenni’s storytelling CD’s. And we have found that they appeal to a broad range of kids (our 4 children are 8 years apart and all 4 love the cds!) Skye, Brisbane

Our family, youngest to eldest, smallest to tallest, love Jenni’s stories, we listen to them in the car- favorites are Lily and the Fig Tree and Froko and Lettuce. Merci. Namaste. Cate

Since there was a limitation on the number of letters I could type into the PayPal special instruction box, I could not say all I wanted to say. We listen to the CD over and over again, and sing it along over and over again. It was wonderful educational CD for them, and it was brilliant tool for a person like me who speak English as second language. Plus, the Mermaid shoes’ was especially good for us since our kids are mixture of Irish dad and Japanese mom!! ThankYOU for creating such wonderful story CD’s for all of us. Akiko, Victoria

I couldn’t wait until Christmas to give these to my son and he has embraced them with great enthusiasm!  I really can’t tell you how much your stories mean to my children and to me. I am loathe to put on a video for my son, but often have times when I can’t give him my full attention.  I feel safe leaving him in your world, knowing that you are expanding in him the same sense of wonderment, beauty, simplicity and awareness of our place in the natural world that I seek to.  Thank you.  It is remarkable to watch him laying on a pile of blankets and pillows listening intently to each story and song. I’ve lent the CD’s to several of my friends and all of their children have had the same response…I’ve also spoken with them about buying copies of their own to  support such a wonderful expression of creativity.  Sarah, Maleney, QLD

My son Ewan has been very inspired by his time at Salty Pete’s Pirate School. We are living daily with reminders of Pirate School…either via a joke or pirate trivia or dress-ups. It is a 5 hour round trip to our local town….we have listened to The Troo Adventures of Salty Pete the Pirate….many many times. Thanks for being at Woodford the whole family greatly enjoyed Pirate School and we have had a huge amount of pleasure listening to the CD. Sarah Betts, Mount Moffatt National Park, Queensland.

For more CD reviews see applause page.

 recycle_logo_greenAn environmentally friendly gift

You won’t be harming the environment by buying this album. All Story Tree album covers are printed in Australia, on recycled cardboard and printed with soy-based ink in a cover which uses no plastic or wrapping. The disc is the only plastic involved. This means the CD’s are very thin and extremely cheap to post, if you are looking for a quality present to send. If you buy digital downloads there will be no plastic involved and your download will last a lifetime also.

Tales2GoDoes your family use iphone, ipad or ipods? Here is an idea to boost literacy and enjoyment for whole family with a free trial to test it out first. StoryTree tales are on there. Search catalogue for Jenni Cargill-Strong here.

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